Exchange your phone for a cheap Samsung.

Although the brand Samsung It is one of the most expensive on the market, offering a wide variety of devices that fit different pockets. If you are thinking of changing your cell phone, but do not want to spend a lot of money, we recommend that you evaluate these 5 models of Samsung, very economical and functional.

1. Samsung Galaxy A10

From line A of Samsung, which is the one that follows the best known and most expensive S line, this cell phone is all screen in the front, which gives it a very modern style. It has a 6.2 ” screen in HD, 32GB of internal memory expandable up to 512GB and 2GB RAM. The rear camera is 13MP and the front 5MP.

The best seller on the list, with a price of $ 129.56, this cell phone offers good features at a low price. In Amazon, customers highlight the large size of its screen, its large internal memory and its price. They claim that it is an ideal cell phone for day-to-day tasks, at a very affordable price.

2. Samsung Galaxy A20

The samsung a20 cell phone It is of the same line as the previous product, so it belongs to the same price level. Its screen is 6.4 ” HD, larger than the previous one, and has an internal memory of 32GB, expandable up to 512GB, and 3GB RAM. Includes a 13MP and 5MP dual camera, and a camera selfie 5MP. In addition, its battery is 4,000mAh that supports fast charging.

With the highest appreciation of the guide and a price of $ 153.98 East samsung cell It offers slightly better features than the previous one, also at a low price. In Amazon, customers highlight that it is a very functional cell phone with a large screen. The Samsung Galaxy A20 It is ideal for daily use, and if you are looking for a cell phone less than $ 200 with a good camera and memory.

3. Samsung J8 Infinity

From line J of SamsungThis cell phone has a 6 ’screen, a 64GB internal memory, expandable up to 256GB and a 4GB RAM. Its memory and RAM are higher than previous models, making the phone perform better. It has a dual 16MP and 5MP camera on the back, and a 16MP camera on the front.

With a price of $ 239.99, East Samsung J8 Infinity cell phone It offers great performance thanks to its memory and RAM, as well as good quality cameras. This model of samsung cell It is ideal for people looking for a small model, but with great performance.

4. Samsung Galaxy A50

With a 6.4 ’’ screen Full HD, one of the largest on the list, this samsung cell It has 64GB of internal memory, expandable up to 512GB, and 4GB RAM. Its cameras are of better quality than previous models, with a triple rear camera of 25MP, 5MP and 8MP, and a 25MP front camera. Its battery is 4,000mAh and supports fast charging.

Although it has a price that is close to $ 300, $ 263.99, it is still an accessible cell phone that offers very good benefits. In Amazon, customers highlight the great price-quality ratio of this cell phone, being ideal for people looking for a large memory and quality camera, in a very modern and economical model.

5. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This cell of Samsung It is from the S line, the best known of the brand. Although this model is already a few years old, it still offers good performance. The Galaxy S7 models offer a 5.5 ’’ screen in Super AMOLED quality and Gorilla Glass, with rounded edges. Its internal memory is 32GB, expandable to 256GB, and its RAM is 4GB. The quality of its rear camera is 12MP with LED flash and a sensor, and the front camera is 5MP.

Although it is the most expensive on the list, with a price of $ 350, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge It has a very modern style, with a rounded screen that is one of the brand’s outstanding features. This model includes modern features such as: fingerprint and facial recognition reader, pressure sensor, heart rate and more, and an infrared, which allows you to use the phone as a remote control in almost any device in your home. East samsung cell It is ideal for people looking for a quality product, with many outstanding features, and great performance.