Celebrate your Hispanic traditions with these five tips no matter where you are …

Day by day millions of Hispanic immigrants fight in the United States to build a better future for their family and their community. Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the contributions that Latinos have made to American culture, this being a month for the Latino community to reflect on the meaning and value of being Hispanic in this nation.

It is a time of pride, celebration and respect for a culture rich in flavor, colors, music and values. Therefore BOSS Revolution and BOSS Revolution Money invites you to celebrate your Hispanic traditions with these five tips no matter where you are:

Food is always close to our hearts: Take the opportunity to prepare your favorite traditional recipes. Go to the local market, buy the typical ingredients of your country and prepare those traditional recipes that make us so different.

Keep your culture alive at home: Keep the essence of your roots decorating your surroundings. You can do it in your home with those items that remind you of your homeland and your family. Adapting the environment to our culture not only helps us feel at home, but also keeps traditions alive over time.

3. Speak more Spanish: Depending on the state where you are, searching for people to share your language can be difficult, but according to the Census Bureau more than 60 million Hispanics reside in the United States. I mean, maybe you can find someone to speak Spanish closer to than you think! Hispanic countries share some differences among themselves, but language is a common factor that strengthens our community.

Keep in touch with your family and loved ones outside the country: We live in a fast pace that sometimes leads us to lose contact with our loved ones. It is important to take advantage of any opportunity to connect with the people who miss us through that birthday call, congratulations to a graduate or simply to catch up on what is happening at home. Platforms like BOSS Revolution Y BOSS Revolution Money They facilitate the process by shortening distances, offering international calling services, mobile recharges worldwide and money transfers at excellent rates. What’s more, the first shipment is free up to $ 300! That distance is no longer an excuse!

5. Be proud of your roots: Display your flag with pride and celebrate your achievements with admiration. Use this celebration to express your esteem for what you love and share your story. Demonstrate the peculiarity of our traditions and eliminate the myths around the Hispanic culture.