Alexa at your fingertips!

With Alexa at home, you can take advantage of all its functions in any space in the house. If you still don’t have an Alexa speaker at home, check out these Echo models, which are also on sale today only on Cyber ​​Monday.

1. Threw out third generation

It is the first Echo speaker what launched Amazon, but in an improved version. This device is shaped like a cylinder and is available in 5 color options to better adapt to each space. On its sides, it has speakers that project 360 ° sound with Dolby technology, ideal for when you want to listen to your favorite music. With this Echo speaker, you can access all of Alexa’s features and control your smart home.

Just for today, you can find the Echo speaker at a 40% discount and less than $ 60. In Amazon, It is well valued by customers, who highlight its quality construction, great sound and adds great functionality in any environment of your home.

2. Echo Dot

In the Echo Dot speakerYou find all the features of Alexa in a more compact device and it is available in 4 color options. It is the most popular Echo speaker, adapting well to any environment, offering higher quality sound than previous Echo speakers.

Its about Guide’s best-selling Echo product, with more than 77,000 reviews in Amazon. Currently you can find this product with a 56% discount at a low price of $ 22, being the cheapest model in the guide. Customers claim that it is a product with great quality and perfect for using Alexa anywhere, in addition to being able to connect them to each other to keep all the rooms in the house connected.

3. Echo Dot with clock

This is a speaker equal to the previous model, but that integrates a clock so you can place it on the nightstand, the living room or the office and add more functionality. Available in 4 color options, it has a 360 ° speaker with Dolby sound technology that adds an LED clock on the front.

With a 42% discount for Cyber ​​Monday, East Echo Dot is priced at $ 35 just for today. In Amazon, is highly valued by customers, highlighting that it is an ideal model to add an Echo speaker and a clock in the room, you can also use Alexa to wake up every morning.

4. Echo Dot Kids

This is another model of Echo Dot, but in a special version for children. This device is ideal for the smallest room, offering applications and features applied especially for them and have parental controls, so you can rest easy. It is available in light blue or multicolour, to adapt to different personalities.

With a 43% discount for Cyber ​​Mondaythis speaker Echo Dot Kids is priced under $ 40. In Amazon, customers mention that it is a perfect product to keep your children entertained and that it is also very good for communicating inside the house between Echo speakers.

5. Echo Show 5

In addition to a speaker, with Echo Show 5 You will have the possibility of adding a screen, which increases the functionality of the product. In addition to all the functions of Alexa, from its 5.5 ”screen you can have a clock, view content from different platforms, view images from smart cameras and much more.

For Cyber ​​Monday, This product has a current 44% discount and a price below $ 50. It is one of the best-selling products, with more than 10,000 reviews in Amazon and the clients mention that it is an ideal product for the nightstand, the kitchen and the office mainly, since you can benefit from the use of its screen.