To withstand the heat waves in summer, it is necessary to have a product that helps cool your home. If you are looking for a new and easy to use device, one of these 5 digital fans may surprise you.

1. Fan Pelonis

In white and with 16-inch handles, this Pelonis fan It offers 12 different speeds to adapt to the needs of each environment. On the front it has an LED screen where you can see the chosen mode and power. With its included remote control, you can control the speed and choose one of the 3 silent operating modes. Furthermore, it is a programmable fan up to 12 hours.

The Pelonis fan have a price of $ 79.99 and a total height of 53.54 inches. Its motor has a power of 25 Watts, but offers a wide variety of speeds, which makes it very versatile. The brand offers a 1 year warranty, and customers in Amazon they emphasize the ease of assembly and its silent operation.

2. Brand digital fan Aigostar

East Aigostar fan It differs in that it has a double helix, one smaller than the other, which allows for a wider distribution of air. With the included remote control you can control its speed, mode, oscillation, activate the timer and turn the fan on or off. It has 3 speed levels and also 3 operating modes, which adapt to the needs of the space. On the front of the appliance you can see the chosen mode using LED lights and also control the fan with its buttons.

With lowest price on the list, at $ 48.44This digital fan has a variable height, ranging from 43.5 to 52 inches and its head rotates 17 degrees vertically. The brand includes a 2-year warranty and customers in Amazon They affirm that it is a high quality product for its low price and very quiet.

3. Fan Deco Breeze

The Deco Breeze fan It can be controlled by its large front panel with LED display and buttons, or by its included remote control with 5 buttons. This fan includes 3 speed options and a timer of up to 10 hours. It offers stronger ventilation, as it has 5 blades in a 16-inch high head.

For his price of $ 67.99 and its power, the Deco Breeze digital fan differs from other models. Its motor has a power of 45 Watts and is very quiet, according to customers in Amazon. Due to its black design and the possibility of adjusting the height from 47 to 54 inches, it is very versatile to adapt to different environments.

4. Digital fan Nash

With a Wi-Fi connection to control it more comfortably, the Nash fan It is highlighted in the guide. It does not have a remote control, but it can be controlled through its application, through the assistant of Google or Alexa, being a very technological device that adapts to a smart home. It has 3 speeds and 3 different modes, a timer and the possibility of programming it for certain days and times. You can also regulate its power and mode depending on the weather outside automatically.

Despite being the most expensive in the guide, with a price of $ 99.95, East Nash fan is the best rated on the list, with 4.6 stars in Amazon. In addition to its 75 Watt motor power and the possibility of controlling it via Wi-Fi, customers claim that it is a fan that offers great ventilation and is easy to use.

5. Tower fan Honeywell

With a more modern and minimalist style, this honeywell fan Tower-shaped offers 8 different speeds with great power and quietly. It can be controlled by the panel on the top or with its remote control, which is stored in the back of the fan so you don’t lose it. It has an automatic shutdown timer of up to 8 hours and the ability to turn off the LED lights on your dashboard at bedtime.

This is one of the cheapest fans on the list, with a price of $ 55.24 thanks to your discount and it’s also the best selling fan, with a modern and elegant design. It is 32 inches tall, making it easy to install in any environment. In Amazon, customers highlight that it is a quality fan and backed by the brand Honeywell, recognized in the household appliances sector.