Take care of your laptop and travel comfortably.

If you need to take your laptop to work or to university, then one of these backpacks will be very useful for you. With these accessories you can carry your laptop and everything you need for the day comfortably and safely, without your back suffering and taking care of your computer.

1. Backpack Matein

Available in various colors and two military prints, this matein backpack It has an individual zippered compartment for your laptop up to 15.6 inches. In addition, it has many pockets with internal compartments to store everything you need, such as books, cell phone, wallet, tablet and more. It also has a anti-theft pocket on the back of the backpack, and an elastic strap to attach to the suitcases if you take it on a trip. As an extra, it allows you to charge the cell phone through its side USB port that connects inside with an external battery.

Is backpack It has a great discount of 36%, with price $ 31.99 and it is the best valued in Amazon, with 4.7 stars. Customers highlight its comfort due to its strong construction and breathable padded panels on its shoulder straps, as well as its high capacity.

2. Backpack Tzowla

With a minimalist design and lifetime warranty, the Tzowla backpack It can hold a laptop up to 15.6 inches. It has two main pockets, a small front pocket and a side compartment to store all your belongings. As an innovative detail, it has a password lock for the main pocket and a USB and headphone port to charge your cell phone or listen to music without removing the devices from the backpack. Inside, it has several compartments to comfortably organize all your things.

This is the backpack with the highest discount of 57% and a final price of $ 29.99. This model is available in several different colors and patterns, and is made of highly durable polyester with padded panels on the straps to make it more comfortable to wear, weighing in at 1.89 pounds. Customers in Amazon they stand out for their excellent price-quality ratio, with a 4.6-star rating.

3. backpack JanSport

From the renowned brand of JanSport backpacksThis accessory offers you a trendy product, but also very useful. With a large capacity and a huge variety of colors and patterns, this JanSport It can hold a laptop up to 15 inches in one of its two main pockets. In addition, it has three smaller front pockets and one side.

Although it is the highest price on the list, from $ 53.52, it is justified since it is a recognized and highly sought after brand, especially by students. JanSport It also offers a lifetime guarantee on its products and customers highlight its quality construction and functional design.

4. Vintage backpack Modoker

In this backpack You’ll find a main pocket with a compartment for laptops up to 15.6 inches, two smaller front pockets and two side pockets. It has a construction in strong and lightweight nylon, weighing only 1.4 pounds. The straps of this backpack are very adjustable and have a padded interior to ensure greater comfort in use and it is also a breathable fabric.

With one of the Lowest list prices, from $ 24.99, the Modoker backpack It has a very original design, available in gray or black with brown details. This design with an air vintage It also includes a lid, which covers 2 of the backpack pockets to add more security. Customers in Amazon its good design, quality and great functionality stand out for the low price.

5. Brand backpack Mancro

For laptops up to 15.6 inches, the Mancro backpack Offers a main pocket that can be closed with the included padlock, two smaller front pockets and two side pockets in a compact and lightweight 1.5-pound design. In all its pockets it has compartments to organize your belongings, it is made of waterproof nylon and it has padded and curved straps to make it more comfortable to use.

This is the cheaper backpack, with a price of $ 23.99 and also the most sold of the list. Customers in Amazon they stand out for their great design and functionality, thanks to the enormous number of compartments and pockets it includes. In addition, it has a low price and an external USB port to charge the cell ph