Manage your computer and devices like never before.

Tap is a virtual input device that uses chords to record text. There are no keys involved at all, no projected keyboard, no invisible key patterns, and no holograms. It allows you to write characters and commands by touching a combination of fingers on any surface, since it has built-in accelerometers in each finger ring.

It is made of soft touch TPU, includes a charging case with 370mA backup battery, a micro USB cable and a guide quick start.

The finger rings are responsible for gathering information and acceleration of the movement. This information is analyzed by a small computer chip that is integrated into the thumb ring, and thus the output character is transmitted through the Bluetooth to the paired device you have previously configured.

It allows you to enjoy a set of applications and mobile TAP game, designed to learn Tapping and the Tap Alphabet. Also, it works with almost all Blutooth devices that accept HID input.

The tapping movement is similar to playing a piano. Some characters like vowels require only one finger, while others require multiple fingers to play at the same time. For example, the most common consonants with N, T, L, and S are played with adjacent fingers; to touch punctuation and special characters you use two touches.

Also this device is a mouse very accurate and easy to use. Just install a small optical chip in the corner of the thumb ring that has a laser and an image sensor. When you put your thumb down on a surface it automatically becomes a mouse; and to move the cursor you make small movements with the thumb and you control the clicks with finger touches.

Finally learn to play on the Tap It takes about 90 minutes, which means it’s about a tenth of the time it takes to learn to type on your keyboard. In this sense, it is faster because you do not need to know the location of the letters and the only thing you need to know are the combinations of the fingers.