Get rid of envy and bad energy from the people around you.

Throughout the day we are exposed to a large amount of vibes and energy flow all around us, which can be both beneficial and negative. Unfortunately, not all people who approach us do it with good intentions, and this can cause us to find ourselves in a situation where we find ourselves surrounded by envy, bad vibes and negative desires. So that these thoughts do not affect us, it is important to be always protected, and for these cases the most recommended is to bring a amulet against the Evil Eye like the ones we show you here:

1. Red string bracelet with Turkish Eye and Saint Benedict medal

This simple and delicate bracelet is made with a red thread and two powerful protective amulets, such as the glass Turkish Eye and a small Saint Benedict medal, the quintessential protector against negative energies.

This bracelet for Evil Eye Protection It can be adjusted to any wrist size and due to its simple and slim design you can use it in your day to day without intervening with your outfit.

2. Gold bracelet with jet

This delicate bracelet is gold plated and has four jet beads, plus the traditional protective hand.

It is a very popular amulet in the south of the continent for its protective properties. against the Evil Eye, and although it is an accessory that children usually use, it can also be used by any adult for their own protection.

3. Silver necklace with Turkish Eye charm

This protective necklace for Evil Eye is made in 925 sterling silver and it has a chain 19 inches long.

The Turkish eye It is one of the most popular charms against the Evil Eye, and it is a striking and simple accessory making it very easy to use and include in your daily routine to favor your protection against bad energy.