If you are about to start your own deal and you want to become financially independent, you need to do some research and update your knowledge about economics and marketing. By mastering these topics you will get the guarantee of success and achieve the long-awaited financial growth. For this reason we recommend below the best 3 books specialized in marketing and entrepreneurship available to you.

1. Metrics of Marketing


Everything that can be measured, can be improve and manage. In today’s business environment, managers and marketing managers are increasingly forced and pressured to justify all investments.

This book is about teach you to measure, manage and improve marketing, showing a path that brings financial areas and general management closer to people dedicated to marketing.

2. Wave 4: Marketing in the XXI Century


Network Marketing is no longer a modality to become interactive distribution. It is projected to achieve perfect confluence of the most advanced technology with invaluable human contact.

Millions of people are dreaming around the world of starting their own businesses. Wave 4 will show you how in the 21st century marketing strategies can help you achieve unprecedented financial goals.

3. In a hundred years all dead: Guide to start or die


It is the reference book for entrepreneurs, a practical and enjoyable survival guide for entrepreneurs. Prepare the ground, start rolling and successfully tackle the day-to-day of your professional or business activity.

If your job doesn’t get you done, it doesn’t make you happy and you’re considering riding Your own business, but you do not dare, you are afraid or do not know how to do it, you should read this book.