The bath It is the space in our home where there is more concentration of humidity and this makes it a perfect place for the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. That is why a deep cleaning of this room is of vital importance. When cleaning the bathroom, it is very convenient to have a tool that helps you do it in a short time, and with these brushes which we will show next removing the dirt will be much easier.

1. Brushes to remove the dirt and dust

They are innovative brushes that adapt easily to most of the drills to help you clean any room in minutes. They are made with nylon bristles that works to clean different surfaces.

With these brushes you will eliminate the dirt and dust Accumulated effectively without the need for your hands to come into contact with the germs and bacteria that are among the ceramics in your bathroom.

2. Kit of brushes with adjustment of security

It is a juice of 4 brushes of different sizes made with nylon bristles that will not leave scratches no imperfections in the ceramic. Each brush features a magnet to ensure a secure fit. These pieces are available in 5 different colors.

You can use it to clean the toilet, the surface of the bathrooms, floors and carpets. They will help make cleaning your home an easier and faster activity.

3. Set of 22 pieces with adjustment for drills

This is a kit of cleaning brushes made with nylon bristles. They are of different sizes so you can easily clean the surfaces more difficult and remove the dirt accumulated in them.

Each brush has a different function with which you can clean deeply or even polish the surfaces of your bathroom, kitchen or sink. Its precision magnet guarantees a secure fit and can be adapted to different types of cordless drills.