Treatment to take care of damage.

Caviar for hair is responsible for rebuilding elasticity, repairing damaged hair, giving it softness and natural shine. Caviar prevents hair anti-aging, as it takes care of the signs of aging such as from the sun, age and the products that mistreat it and the damage is noticed more and more. The best thing about caviar hair treatments is that it can be used for oily, mixed and dry hair.

1. Caviar shampoo to clean and strengthen hair

A caviar shampoo for hair, helps give texture to fine, thin and fragile hair, as well as deep cleansing, taking care of the scalp without altering the pH. If you are looking for a treatment to regain shine and force your hairDefinitely try caviar.

If your hair is dry, try to insert the use of this shampoo with another Well, on very dry hair cleans them thoroughly and you can feel very heavy hair. A shampoo with 46% satisfaction.

2. Conditioner for shiny hair

A conditioner is always the key to adding shine and hydrating hair. After applying let it rest for a few minutes and then rinse. What caviar does is that rebuilds the hair fiber and makes you have beautiful hair with natural shine. Regardless of your type or length of hair.

It will also give it texture and be very manageable. You can use this conditioner up to 3 times on your hair per week, it depends on how much damage your hair has. Buyers love the results so fast this caviar hair treatment, it has 4 stars.

3. Repairing spray to avoid any damage due to heat or dye products

And, to have a complete caviar treatment, this is a repairing spray. You should only spray after drying the hair, what it does is that add volume, eliminate frizz, it takes care of the damage and gives it texture. It is perfect if you like to use the dryer or the iron, but you do not want a flat and shapeless hairstyle.

It has a rich aroma that shoppers love. Always spray it before styling so that it can perfectly shape your hair. This hair caviar works as a thermal producer, so apply it when using heat products.