The chakras are the energy points that we humans have and by which our body, mind and spirit. It is important to always keep them in perfect balance and harmony in order to enjoy a peaceful and satisfying life. A good way to balance the chakras is the amulets, such as those that we will show you below and that you can take with you at all times:

1. Jstyle: Pendulum necklace and bracelet set

This set includes a bracelet with colored beads representing each of the 7 chakras and a necklace with a pendulum charm made with semi precious stones that also refer to the chakras.

Both accessories are made from natural materials that are friendly to the environment. You can take them with you at all times and thus guarantee the balancing your body’s energies.

2. Pernnla Pearl: Reiki healing necklace

It is a 59 ″ long necklace made with lava stones and 4 groups of colored beads representing the 7 chakras.

It will help you maintain a state of tranquility and serenity It will combat stress and fatigue everyday. It is long enough to be used in a double way and also include it in your meditation sessions.

3. Cmidy: Tree of life pendant

This necklace has a tree of life design made of metal and semi precious stones representing the 7 colors of the chakras. Includes amethyst, lapis lazuli, green aventurine, citrine, agate, among others.

It is a beautiful accessory that you can wear in your favorite necklace and thus have a constant amulet for the balance of your chakras and your energies.