Take care and give nutrition to your hair with coconut.

Using a coconut cream for the hair, helps if you have very dry, damaged or badly treated hair to gradually recover the necessary nutrients so that it has a natural shine. It doesn’t matter if your hair is oily, but you have dry ends or your hair is very fine, but dry, because these coconut hair creams are ideal for any type of hair.

1. Herbal Essences: creates a layer to nourish & give deep hydration

A great benefit of coconut is that it is a great moisturizer for both skin and hair. This cream has coconut milk, helps give instant hydration, protects it from frizz and static and makes your hair have a natural shine. Also has essential antioxidants, aloe vera and seaweed.

Coconut is a nutrient that you should use when your hair is damaged. Remember to only apply from medium to ends if your hair is very oily, but dry at the ends. It is paraben free and dyes. Despite his few purchases, he has 100% satisfaction.

2. Palmer’s: repairs dry hair with dyes, sun and heat products

Hair also needs a detox. Applying a coconut cream to the hair, can repair damage from the root to nourish dry hair either by the sun, dyes or by heat products. Applying hair cream is giving it a protective layer for daily use and avoid further damage.

This coconut oil cream contains monoi oil and coconut milk to give more hydration and repair faster. It is a product without sulfates, parabens or gluten. It has 4.3 stars.

3. ORS HAIRepair: Helps straighten and improve hair texture without weighing it down

If you want straight hair and at the same time repair it from damage, this coconut hair cream helps hydrate, straighten hair, adds shine without leaving it heavy or leaving it excessively shiny. It will also give you more texture and movement. In addition, having coconut, it has grape seeds, sweet almond oil, perfect ingredients to repair dry hair.

You can apply this cream on wet and dry hair every day. Avoid touching your scalp, if it is very greasy because it could leave you feeling very heavy. A coconut cream with 4.2 stars.