Have a wrinkle-free face when using a collagen serum.

A collagen serum helps improve the appearance of your face, as they are responsible for fill in wrinkles and fine lines Of the face. It also helps them retain a good amount of moisture and your skin doesn’t feel shortened or dry. There are 3 collagen serums that help delay and fill in wrinkles. Add these products to your beauty routine.

1. Ole Henriksen: vitamin C with collagen

This collagen serum penetrates the layers of the skin to give a longer duration. It has a combination of collagen with vitamin C that help smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Being a antioxidant serum Helps combat radical and sun damage to your skin.

Your skin will be very soft, if you are from very sensitive skin You can combine it with your moisturizing cream so that it does not cause irritation. Remember that the combination of some components react on your skin.

2. Advanced Clinicals: seaweed extract that gives more elasticity

This wrinkle treatment helps remove, fill, remove dark spots and dark circles. It is a collagen serum that contains seaweed extract, they are ideal to give more elasticity and resistance to your face. You can apply a few drops all over the face, neck and neckline area. In just 4 weeks you will see the first results.

Wrinkle serum should be used after the essence or tonic. When you apply wait a few minutes until it is absorbed and you put another product. It has more than 800 sales with 4.1 stars.

3. Elemis: hyaluronic acid and collagen to fill wrinkles in the neck and mouth

This collagen serum helps to reduce and fill wrinkles in eyes, mouth and neck. It has collagen, floral and citrus notes, African birch bark, hyaluronic acid, red algae and Padina patina, which help skin feel firmer and smoother. It can be used by any type of skin.

It is recommended to be consistent and wait at least 2 months to see results. You can apply it in the morning and night along with your beauty routine.