A tool that will help you recycle and reuse plastic bags in your home.

In many homes after shopping in the supermarket there are several bags loose that generally accumulate in a very disorderly way in some corner of the kitchen or inside another bag. To avoid that mess, we show you three plastic bag containers to have them in one place and available to everyone when they need them, and thus help to recycle and reuse plastic bags and contribute to the well-being of the planet.

1. Mdesign: Bag organizer

The Mdisign organizer is fully chrome with space for 50 bags supermarket. With this basket you can save space on your shelves, since it is only enough to assemble and place on the doors of cabinets, without perforations.

It is made with steel wire strong and resistant to corrosion; The hooks to install are covered with foam rubber to prevent damage to your cabinet doors. It measures 8 inches wide x 4.5 inches deep and 15 inches tall.

2. Sulimy: Mesh storage bags

The storage bags by Sulimy, they are made of resistant polyester fabric to insert the plastic bags from above and remove from underneath. They are 15 inches tall by 4.7 inches wide with a cylindrical design and a handle.

The two bag kit contains your stainless steel hooks to stick on the wall or surface of your choice no need to drill nor damage your furniture or walls. You can even use them to protect some fruit or vegetables.

3. Malmo: Bag dispenser

Designed for about 30 plastic bags, the Malmo dispenser is made of brushed stainless steel, designed to avoid fingerprint marks. It has an opening at the top to introduce the bags, and a side slot for dispensing.

This dispenser measures 12.8 inches tall x 3.7 wide. When you buy it you will get the necessary screws to install it on the wall or on one of your shelves or adhesive tapes to fix without drilling.

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