Frizz-free and knot-free hair.

If you have wavy, curly, or even a little straight hair, there are creams to detangle your hair and eliminate frizz that will help make your day-to-day hairstyle easier and not break your hair. Pulling on the hair makes it weaker and stye more pr Here 3 creams to detangle hair and eliminate frizz.

1. Milk shake: gives you vitamins and nutrients to prevent hair from weakening

This is a hair detangling cream that you do not have to rinse and you can put on dry or wet hair. This hair detangling cream contains milk protein, fruit extracts and vitamin E that helps provide vitamins in your hair and to untangle it to prevent damage from heat products.

It has a delicious aroma that help your hair smell rich all day. To avoid damaging the hair do not brush your hair when it is wet, this causes it to break and weaken.

2. Biolage: Helps prevent dryness and shine

This hair detangling cream should be applied in the shower. When applied for a few minutes, it helps the hair detangle, gives it softness and shine. It also controls frizz and gives it volume. It is a cream for detangling hair that has coconut oil and kaolin clay that are responsible for nourishing the hair to prevent dryness.

It is ideal for any type of hair, since it has no parabens or sulfates. It also does not dry out or irritate the hair. Remember that hair detangling creams are applied from medium to ends.

3.Design Essentials: controls humidity and gives it softness

If you have very unruly hair, this hair detangling cream will help give it movement without damaging the hair. Contains ingredients like almond, avocado, vitamin E, shea butter that help prevent excess moisture and to smooth your hair. You can run your fingers and it won’t get stuck in your hair.

It is ideal for any type of hair, it will give you movement and be free of knots. It can even be used on young children. It will help you save time on each hairstyle and does not leave a heavy feeling on the hair.