Many times it is not enough with special creams and skin cleanings to eliminate all toxins that stick to our skin throughout the day and clog pores. So we opted for the vaporizer, one of the most effective facial tools to improve the conditions of the dermis in cleaning, pigmentation and elasticity. Take a look at the options that we recommend here choose your favorite:

1. Facial vaporizer nanoparticles

This ultrasonic vaporizer produces nano vapor with negatively charged particles that more easily penetrate the skin layers. It is designed with an advanced ceramic PTC heater with an 80 ML water tank and an anti-dry security to turn off automatically.

It is a facial sauna that works by giving steam up to 104ยบ F to help you remove oil from the skin, unclog pores, eliminate blackheads and erase particles from the skin. makeup. Also, it comes with a mirror of makeup double-sided to apply your skincare routines and enjoy a home spa.

2. Vaporizer with facial kit

Lonove vaporizer designed with a sonic atomizer and a UV disinfection system internal that sterilizes the nano-fog, so that it remains clean and reaches the skin in pure conditions. Includes a 5-piece stainless steel blackhead removal kit.

Without a doubt, it offers luxurious micro-vapor technology that penetrates the layers of the skin to help unblock the pores, eliminate toxins, weaken pigmented spots and add moisture so that you maintain a relaxed, smooth and soft complexion.

3. Conical vaporizer spa type

Facial spa made of safe ABS materials with a 50 ml water tank, two temperature settings and automatic shutdown. It also has an open design with the conical shape of the face that concentrates steam in a way safe and effective on all skin types. The package includes a measuring cup, a nasal lid and an aroma tray.

It is an exclusive model to vaporize the nose, relieve allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion and tired eyes; But at the same time, it improves blood circulation, whitens the skin, reduces expression lines, eliminates toxins, suppresses acne and absorbs nutrients.