There are several reasons why we should know the location of our car, mainly for security reasons. Also, when traveling by road and presenting an emergency, it is important to know our location in real time. Thinking about this and so you can feel safe at all times, we show you the following devices to monitor and track your car in real time and anywhere:

1. LoneStar Tracking: GPS tracker for vehicles


Their built-in antennas And the tamper alert gives you real-time monitoring alerts if the device is affected. Its internal backup battery allows you additional recovery.

I know installs easily under the dash with two cables, allowing you to monitor vehicle usage and recovery in real time. This unit is compatible with any type of car.

2. Spy Tech: Mini Tracker Personal GPS


It gives you peace of mind by allowing you to track your vehicle 24 hours of the day. You can attach it to the bottom of your vehicle, with the waterproof magnet. It is compact and discreet.

This tracker has motion activation, its battery lasts up to two weeks or more in most cases. You can see a map of where your car has been driven.

3. Bird’s Eye: Tracker Car GPS


It is equipped with real-time location tracking from your computer, tablet, or smartph Use the google mapping for tracking and history of the GPS device.

When the button is activated, the SOS function, which allows an alarm signal and helps you locate your vehicle. It is weather resistant and you can use it even outdoors.