In a couple everything is better!

Do partner exercise It is one of the most recommended workouts by exercise experts. When you are exercising with your partner you motivate yourself to train with greater enthusiasm, time passes quickly, and you improve the quality of the relationship, since they have the time to communicate and share together a process that is beneficial to their lives .

There is endless exercises you can do togetherBut especially there are 3 basics that are the best to start a training routine together at home. Choose do sit-ups, cardio and muscle training together, to make partner exercise a habit and challenge each other to achieve better results. Below you will find the necessary equipment to carry out these 3 exercises as a couple.

1. Training ball with weight – DynaPro:


DynaPro gives you more ways to add variety and fun to your physical training. The exercises with balls enable you to develop strength with each movement. As you propel the heavy ball hard, you can mimic the swinging movements normally used in various sports such as tennis, baseball, or golf. Roll it up, or side to side, and you’ll activate the same muscle groups used in weightlifting and plyometric training.

Integrating these weighted balls into high intensity interval training results in faster fat burning, leaner muscle mass, and increased endurance in the shortest amount of time.

2. Cycling bike for interior:


The exercise bike KUOKEL It is for exercising at home. It is equipped with an 8kg adjustable steering wheel resistance and an adjustable seat, so it can meet your different fitness needs.

Includes a handy water bottle holder convenient for you to drink water to continuously rehydrate while training. It also has a digital monitor to track your exercise progress and record your heart rate, so you can adjust your exercise plan on time. You can ride your bike at home anytime and lose weight without going to the gym.

3. Rope battle:


POWER GUIDANCE exercise rope It trains the hands, arms, shoulders, back and even legs for a full body workout. Use the rope to sculpt muscles, improve endurance, and burn calories. You can also increase reaction time and metabolic rate.

The longer the rope, the heavier it will be and the more challenging the workout will be. If you are a beginner in rope training, it will be easier to hold and use 30 feet. The longest is best suited to challenge intermediates and professionals. These ropes include the metal anchor for wall mounting.