Eye contour area with special care.

At 40 years old, some skins can already witness wrinkles around the eyes, it is necessary that strong ingredients are used. Some options are vitamin C, retinol and some peptides that are excellent for improving skin texture, filling in little by little and preventing the appearance of more wrinkles. These are excellent eye contour creams for women 40 and older.

1. FineVine: with peptides to increase collagen production

This eye contour cream is perfect for skin that already has wrinkles, since it contains peptides, these act to stimulate the production of collagen. An excellent ingredient for improve the texture of the eye contour And it can fill in wrinkles if they are not as deep.

Contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to give hydration, nutrients and to deflate the area. Place it after your serum and then apply your cream.

2. Pure Biology: with vitamin C to eliminate stains, hyperpigmentation and is responsible for deflating

Vitamin C helps to deflate, fill, nourish and prevent blemishes on the skin. If you have dark circles, this eye contour It will help you reduce dark color. it also contains vitamin E and B, hyaluronic acid, caffeine and aloe vera. Vitamin C protects you from free radicals and from having severe damage in this area.

The eye contour should be applied in this part, do not place on the eyelid, as it could irritate the eyes. To increase its effect you can pass a jode roller to deflate and prevent you from having a lot of dark circles.

3. RoC: retinol the best anti-wrinkle for the skin

Retinol is a highly concentrated ingredient that is capable of eliminating wrinkles, improving skin texture and is even used to control acne. This eye contour cream for women in their 40s will help you reduce fine lines And if you already have wrinkles, what it does is smooth them out.

This eye contour also helps to prevent inflammation. The eye contour is a part that can take a few months to see results. Don’t forget to use it daily to see results in less time.