Wear natural eyebrows quickly.

There is nothing like a brow setting gel to add a little color to your brows and comb them. These eyebrow fixer gels help you stay in place and withstand sweat. If you are that the eyebrows are an important to comb and make up, we recommend these eyebrow gels that help them look thick and fuller. A tip if you want the eyebrows to look a little more natural, opt for a lighter shade.

1. Maybelline: fixing gel with color that fills and combs

One of the best eyebrow gels is Maybelline’s. Thanks to the shape of its brush it makes the eyebrows stay up and with the color they look thicker. First comb down the eyebrows, so that when you comb them up they look full and without gaps. There are 4 different colors, and there’s the Clear Brow Gel in case you’re looking for just a fixative.

Follow the shape of your eyebrows to comb and that the color stays on your natural eyebrows. An ideal eyebrow setting gel for everyday use.

2. Elizabeth Mott: with a small applicator to fill in the smallest eyebrows

The brush of this eyebrow gel is small, it helps if you have very few or very short eyebrows you can fill in those little spaces. It gives you fixation, supports sweat and even if you have gray hair on your eyebrow, it can cover them. To apply the eyebrow setting gel, comb very well and then gradually add until you get the desired color.

Always start from the front and slowly go backwards. There are 5 shades ranging from light, red and dark.

3. WUNDER2: eyebrow fixative gel lasting up to 3 days sweat resistant

This eyebrow gel is everyone’s favorite Amazon. It is a fixing gel that helps define, fill and make your eyebrows thicker. Fixation and color can take up to 3 days, so if you comb your eyebrows very well you won’t have to put makeup on them every day. It supports sweat and is waterproof.

There are 5 shades, to suit the color of your eyebrows. Start with little product and go adding little by little so that you don’t oversaturate. You can go styling and adding color.