Facial serums that control the fat of your skin.

Latin skins have oily or combination skin, it is normal to produce more fat in the T zone than on the cheeks or chin. Fat can be controlled by using the right products and taking care of the pH of your skin. There are several serums that have vitamins and ingredients that ensure that the fat production is moderate, prevents wrinkles from coming out, hydrates and are perfect to be used as an anti-aging serum.

A serum with vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide

This serum contains 3 perfect ingredients to keep your skin young and elastic. Having vitamin B3 and hyaluronic acid makes your skin tone stay even, prevents pigmentation and staining. On the other hand, niacinamide helps control the fat on your face and minimize pores. This serum is perfect to take care of the face of imperfections and fat.

You can apply it at night and in the morning after you have washed your face. Do not forget the use of sunscreen, because your skin when working with acids your skin becomes more photosensitive. A serum with 4.4 stars.

Niacinamide with zinc for a fat-free face and minimizes pores

Probably one of the most popular facial serum for oily and combination skin is this one from The Ordinary. Well, having these compounds helps your skin control fat production without being abrasive and minimizes the pores little by little. The use of niacinamide should not be combined with the use of vitamin C, as it could irritate the skin.

You can apply this serum in the morning and at night. The recommended use for you to notice a difference is at least 8 weeks. Do not despair, it is a very good product to a very affordable price.

3. Anti-aging serum with niacinamide, collagen and plant extract

This facial serum will help your skin to be nourished, hydrated and improve the texture of the skin. Being a zero fat serum, Helps your skin not produce more oil, it has a consistency that you love. It can be used by sensitive skin as it is a hypoallergenic and non-irritating serum. When applying do not saturate your face with product, with a few drops you can cover your face and neck.

Always keep these serums away from the sun, as they could oxidize and evaporate their properties. Despite having few sales, its buyers have been satisfied because they feel a change in your skin from the first weeks. It has 4.5 stars.