A tool with which you can level up your dishes.

The food dehydrators They are tools with which you can remove water and moisture from food in a short time, and thus give a modern and gourmet twist to your preparations and dishes. From a salad to a sweet or canned sugar, with the dehydrators you can make great creations. Take a look at these options that are available at Amazon for you:

Nesco: Snackmaster food dehydrator

The Nesco dehydrator includes a temperature control ranging from 95º to 160ºF. You can dehydrate fruits, vegetables and seeds in a short time and without complications.

Its special coating protects fruits and vegetables from harmful light rays to maintain the maximum of vitamins and nutrients of food.

2. Luckdeal: 7-level dehydrator

This modern and efficient dehydrator includes 7 removable levels and independent of BPA-free plastic that allows you to process a large amount of food at once. It can be graduated at temperatures between 30º and 70º C, and has an insurance against overheating.

With this powerful tool you can process from fruits and vegetables to pieces of fish. By dehydrating food not only you enhance its flavorIt is also a good alternative to prolong its preservation.

3. Hamilton Beach: 4-level food dehydrator

In the Hamilton Beach food dehydrator you can easily and quickly process meats, vegetables and fruits. It has 4 trays with adjustable heights to suit your preparations.

It has an illuminated on / off button and all its parts are dishwasher safe, so you can prepare delicious gourmet dishes without major complications.

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