The best snacks are served on the best trays.

There is nothing more pleasant than receiving the visit from your loved ones and your friends. One way to make your stay more pleasant is by sharing some delicious snack as they share fun moments together; and since the food enters through the eyes and the presentation is very important, we show you the best trays so that you surprise your visitors when you serve them your snacks.

Strova: Snack tray with sauces


This round platter is made of organic bamboo High quality that is hypoallergenic, durable and stain and odor resistant. Its natural design makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor activities.

It is ideal for salsa, chips, meats, cheese, vegetables, tacos, guacamole, sandwiches, fruits, and other small snacks. Your design superior quality It does a wonderful job while looking classy.

Wooden tray for snacks


Tray acacia wood and removable slate stone, suitable for cutting and serving. Includes four-piece round ceramic dip bowls. Ceramic spoon accessories complement this set.

Serve with ease your delicious sandwiches as pieces of art, perfectly designed for a fresh presentation of cheese, crackers, wine, fruit, salami, sauces and more. It is a striking centerpiece.

3. Beryland: Ceramic Trays

This set of trays is truly versatile, perfect to serve food on any occasion. The white ceramic and stainless steel frame and handles give it a simple yet elegant feel.

It is perfect to serve all kinds of snacks, from cookies, chips and nuts to cheeses, sauces and fruits. The two handles on its sides allow you to quickly move the trays without getting dirty.

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