Many women wish to have a miraculous girdle to help us stylize our figure to cover all the messes we make, but we do not know very well what characteristics or styles to look for.

The design of the girdles that we will show you next, they have a special fabric that puts pressure on the areas where it is needed, and inside it has a soft layer that gives you comfort and is breathable. They are discreet, and easy to hide under clothing. Take a look at these models and choose your favorite.

1. Colombian girdle with a zipper:

The main layer is made with the best Powernet compression fabric, which guarantees durability and a uniform fit to the body. The second layer is made of soft hypoallergenic cotton lining for skin comfort.

Its fabric adjusts perfectly to your body and helps accentuate and lift the bust and buttocks, and the parts of the body that need it the most with maximum comfort. Many women use them daily to tone and trim inches from their waist, hips, and legs while in use.

2. DPrada girdle – whole body:

This girdle shapes your body and it is made up of 2 parts: lycra material on the inside for softness and freshness on the skin, and a Powernet fabric on the outside for the necessary compression for the body. The crotch has a 2-layer Lycra opening to facilitate the process when you go to the bathroom.

This body shapewear is also ideal as a compression garment to aid in the post-surgery recovery process or as a daily shaper.

3. Compressor girdle DPrada:

The DPrada girdle controls and softens the entire abdomen, belly and waist. It has a two-layer design: lycra on the inside and powernet on the outside to compress the skin.

This shapewear girdle gives you control over the abdomen and waist. They have flat seams that are not marked under your clothes, with daily use this girdle can help you lose weight. It has a favorable review, where one user stated: “This is the best compression