Wash the dishes in a new and practical way with these gloves.

Our hands They are one of the most affected after our cleaning days. They are the ones that are most exposed to water, chemicals and abrasion, and that is why we must give them careful treatment to avoid deterioration. At the time of do the washing up Dirty, require special attention, since they are in contact with soap and water for a long time. Form practical and effective taking care of your hands and cleaning the dishes much faster is with the use of gloves that we show you below, which thanks to its novel design They allow you to take kitchen cleaning to the next level.

1. Gloves for dishwasher of sylicon

These gloves have been made with silicone and resist high temperatures up to 160 degrees. Their presentation is great and they are antibacterial.

With these super gloves you can take good care of your hands avoiding contact with water and many other agents that can cause discomfort.

2. Magic Wash Gloves with strong bristles

Made with silicone and latex, These gloves have thick bristles in the middle that allow all surfaces to be cleaned well. They are non-slip and can be dried naturally. They are heat resistant.

With these gloves you can clean your vegetables very well or leave the neat dishes until it shines while you take care of your hands from contact with strong liquids for the skin.

3. Pair of gloves more sponge

Designed with shorter bristles that allow these gloves a deeper cleaning in each item or even to bathe your pets. Withstand high temperatures.

This set comes with two pairs of gloves plus two sponges for washing your dishes or household utensils, whatever you lets take care of your things and your hands.