Carrying heavy shopping bags will no longer be a problem.

When we are shopping in the supermarket we worry about not leaving out anything on the to-do list; however, when loading the bags our work is complicated, since due to their great weight they can hurting hands or break if we are not careful. You can avoid accidents by wearing one of these 3 styles of special handles.

1. Handles Mighty Green Solutions

Mighty Green Solutions Lugs

Set of 2 sturdy handles recyclable plastic with ergonomic design and rubber protection for the hands. It allows you to carry up to 50 pounds per handle.

Mighty Handle handles have a unique Twist-LockTM system that keeps your cargo safe. You will not have to release them by putting the bags in the car, by turning their bags twice and folding the handle down everything will remain in place.

2. Bag holder BaggyPal

BaggyPal - Grocery Bag Handle / holder (2 Pack)

Fully tube-shaped rubber lugs adaptable to the hands. It has a slot to insert the handle of your bag and it comes in a striking yellow color so you don’t lose sight of them.

Comfortable, safe and easy to useWith these handles you can easily go to the supermarket or the mall and carry your bags without risking damage to your joints.

3. Handle TotASak

TotASak Grocery Bag Carrier (2 PACK) - Multiple Shopping Bag Holder Handle - Durable Lightweight Multi Purpose Secondary Handle Tool

Handle made of resistant recycled polymer material. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, supports heavy loads from grocery bags to gallons of paint.

Pass the handle of your bags through this device and transport all your cargo safely. This handle fits anywhereYou can always carry it with you in the car or in your pockets.