Sometimes within our House We require work in dimly lit or very small spaces where our mobility is limited. A fundamental element to be able to work in these places is lighting, and it is very common that we do not have the necessary characteristics to be able to have it at our disposal. For these occasions and for moments of emergency, here we recommend some headband lanterns that will be of great help to you.

1. Accessory rechargeable with four lighting modes


This is a bright and mobile LED light that can adjust easily to provide a full range of lighting types. Allows you to configure all four lighting modes independently by simply pressing the center light.

It is a rechargeable device and with a battery made with lithium polymer Long-lasting that endows it with a high quality light that shines much longer than a conventional flashlight. It is waterproof and allows you to light different environments.

2. Light LED removable headband


It is a bright and long-lasting flashlight that is equipped with a powerful light bulb XPG2 LED which produces a very powerful beam. Its operating time is up to 45 hours on low and 3 hours on high.

The headband is removable, washable and can adapt to the measurements of both adults and children. For its part, the adjustable headlight 45 degrees It gives you the freedom to direct the light to the exact point where you need it.

3. Flashlight rechargeable front

They are totally high quality headlights rechargeable Equipped with a strong 650 lumen LED light, it has the ability to illuminate an area of ​​413.4 feet around you.

It has a motion sensor which you can simply activate using a button located on the front of the flashlight. This lighting system is stable and provides powerful white light that allows you to work with much more comfort.