A natural dye that does not harm and is gentle on hair.

There are hair dyes that do not mistreat or damage the hair. Henna for hair is an excellent alternative to change hair color, it is a dye that it has no peroxide or ammonia. Henna comes from a plant that works as a pigment that can be used for the skin and hair. For henna to work properly and have the desired color you need time and organization. Well, you can decide the tone in some henna products, it is important that when preparing your dye you do not use any metal utensil. We give you 3 alternatives for you to change your look.

1. Surya Brazil: henna with a light brown hue

Using henna for the hair helps the color to penetrate deeply, it has botanical ingredients. It helps to give a simultaneous coloring and conditioning treatment to your hair. If you really want to try a henna dye, but don’t know how to combine the ingredients to get the desired color, this henna dye only You will need to place it on your hair.

This is a brown shade if you have brown or black hair you need to leave it on for 60 minutes, but if your hair is blonde or very light with 30 minutes it is the ideal time. It is a natural dye that covers gray hair and it does not dry your hair.

2. Henna: a natural dye that covers gray hair and lasts up to 6 weeks

This henna has a brown hue. When using henna you do not have much choice of color range, this is a medium brown t According to the tone of your hair, it will be the color you will get, it is recommended that you let it act for at least 30 minutes and 60 at most. A henna dye can cover gray hair and the dye can last up to 6 weeks.

Ideally, you should use henna when you don’t want to damage your hair, but you want to cover a few gray hairs. It is ideal for damaged hair, but you want to color your hair. Henna is a product that is not harmful or irritable, can be used even in pregnant women.

3. The Henna Guys: controls the hue of the tint

This henna powder is for you to deduce the hue. Although the process is long and requires time and dedication, will not harm your hair. You can manipulate the color of your tint, a trick is that if you want a reddish or purple tone you can put a little red wine. You can even create some lights if you don’t want to paint all your hair.

When you use this type of dye, cover the room where you will apply the henna because its pigment can be very strong. This henna for hair has 60% satisfaction.