Sleep soundly every night.

Herbal teas have great power to combat certain ills. They can calm menstrual cramps, relieve bloating, intestinal gas and also insomnia. The best thing is that they don’t cause addiction and are not aggressive on your stomach. Take them at least an hour before going to bed and avoid looking at your phone for long hours at night, so you can completely relax.

1. Buddha Teas: passionflower tea is able to combat anxiety

This tea has analgesic and antispasmodic properties so it helps reduce stress, tension in your body and even the symptoms of anxiety and emotional imbalances. Take it before going to bed, it helps you relax. It does not contain caffeine, so you can take it without fear.

Its flavor may be somewhat strong, because its leaves and herbs are concentrated. You can add a little milk and agave honey to soften its flavor. A tea that has zero calories.

2. Traditional Medicinals: valerian tea to calm nerves and even headaches

This herbal tea has a calming and calming effect. This is a root that is prepared so that it can be taken in tea. It is recommended that you take it only at night, because your body relaxes immediately. Valerian tea is also famous for relieving headaches and nerves.

It is an organic tea that it will serve you 32 cups. It has 4.9 stars, most of its buyers have bought it to combat insomnia and this tea has given them long hours of deep sleep.

3. Chinese Tea Culture: lemon balm tea that detoxifies your liver

Lemon balm tea is a tea that you must have in your pantry, it helps to eliminate gases, control anxiety, detoxifies your liver and helps a lot if you want to lose weight. Relieves insomnia because it controls and calms your nervous system making you relax and causing sleep.

Also consume it when you have a lot of stress and worries. This product comes in bulk so you need a diffuser, it will last you about 56 cups.