Honey has vitamins A, B, C, E and K in addition to minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper and potassium. Applying honey to the hair helps to give it deeper hydration and prevents it from being mistreated and breaks every time you comb or brush it. We recommend these 3 honey masks, which will help any hair type regardless of whether it is colored. Apply it at least twice a week to see results faster.

1. Alikay Naturals: honey and olive oil for greater moisture

This is a honey hair mask, which manages to nourish and penetrate each hair follicle in order to revitalize that damaged hair. It helps a lot so that your hair can retain the exact amount of moisture so that it does not dry out. It also gives shine and softness.

It has ingredients like honey and olive oil that is perfect for dry and very damaged hair. You must apply it to damp hair and leave it penetrate for about 20 minutes with a bathing cap and then rinse.

2. Thank God It’s Natural: no frizz, split ends and cares for the scalp

Having damaged and very dry hair can mistreat the scalp little by little. This honey mask too olive oil and jojoba, having vitamins A, D and E, it takes care of your scalp, prevents frizz, prevents split ends, gives it elasticity and makes it recover by giving it nutrients.

This honey mask helps your hair detangle, especially if it is Chinese. This type of mask can wear any hair type regardless of whether it is fatty, straight or Chinese. It has a 77% satisfaction.

3. Garnier: honey, propolis and royal jelly to repair in depth

This honey mask also has propolis and royal jelly so it has a higher concentration of nutrients, which cares for and repairs the hair, making it stronger and giving it more vitamins to your hair, so that can recover from damage. This mask is paraben free and can be used by any hair type.

Honey for hair is one of the best ingredients because being natural, it only gives protection, heals and prevents future damage. Has almost 400 sales with 4.6 stars.