Keratin is a protein that occurs naturally. When there is damage to your hair it is because the amount of protein is minimal. There are keratin treatments that are in oil and help restore damage, straightens, shines and strengthens your hair. These treatments are perfect for damaged, dry and colored hair.

1. Keratin oil treatment with argan oil that lasts up to 6 months:

This keratin treatment straightens your hair for up to 6 months. It is a product that it has argan and coconut oil, it is very soft with your hair and nourishes with the amino acids of these ingredients. By applying it you will see how you get a more flexible, soft and resistant hair. There are several keratin treatments, but this is characterized by having more nutrients and being more durable.

When applied it can take several minutes according to the conditions of your hair. Work this keratin treatment in a very well ventilated place because its aroma may be somewhat strong for some.

2. Restores any type of hair giving it more elasticity and resistance:

This keratin hair treatment is more to strengthen, protect, nourish and soften it. It is suitable for any type of hair, no matter if it is curly or straight, it does not straighten completely. You will notice in a few weeks how restore your hair. It is an oil free of silicones, sulfates and parabens.

You must apply little product and always from medium to ends. If you have oily hair, apply little product so as not to leave a heavy feeling. This keratin oil must be applied to wet hair, it will help dries faster.

3. Intensive keratin treatment with ginger:

If you dream of straight, strong, elastic and shiny hair, you should try this product. This hair treatment should be used every week for 3 to 5 minutes. What it does is it repairs the hair to transform it into a hair healthy, strong and shiny. It can be used by any type of hair. If your hair is very curly and you don’t want to lose those curls apply it every 2 weeks, this will only help to repair the damage.

It is a treatment that you must try and invest so that your hair is manageable. It can be used if you have dyed your hair, this will not ruin the color. It is a product with 76% satisfaction.