Do a complete maintenance to your watches without spending much.

The analog clocks They are delicate machines that always require the utmost care to ensure their proper operation. It is necessary to do maintenance every so often so that your internal components work perfectly and always keep the correct time. However, hiring a professional watchmaker can be expensive and complicated; So that’s why here we recommend some watch repair kits that you can use at home to save money and give your watches the care they deserve.

1. Kit Tools with 150 pieces


It is a complete set of tools for the repair of analog watches. Contains a total of 151 tools professional use ideal for repairing all kinds of watches.

They are tools designed to be durable, portable, practical and very convenient to use at all times. It includes an operations manual so you can repair your watches no matter how little experience you have.

2. Repair kit with guide and instructions


A deluxe kit that includes all the necessary tools to do the repairs of the watches on your own. This article includes a illustrated guide which shows the step by step of how to repair watches.

Accessories and tools for professional use will allow you to repair your watches by yourself and in Little time. Its practical case allows you to carry all instruments in an organized and comfortable way.

3. Tools for replace batteries


A professional repair kit that includes a special support for the watch case and four adjustable plastic pins. The base bolts are designed to fit the size of the watch.

The kit offers you the most effective solution for work the box the watch safely and efficiently. All the essential tools to replace the batteries in your watch, available in a comfortable set of tools made of high quality materials.

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