A machine that you and your children will appreciate.

The snack represents a great nutritional contribution for people, and helps us recharge our energy for the rest of the day. It is no secret to anyone that among the favorite snacks are donuts, that’s why today we present you the 3 best machines to make mini donuts In the comfort of your home.

Babycakes: 4 unit donut machine

In a striking and beautiful presentation, this machine for making your own donuts has non-stick plates and a light that indicates when the time is appropriate to place the donuts and when they are ready. It has handles and rubber bands on the feet to slide better.

Your reward with this product will be delicious donuts with 4 units for each baked that you can enjoy with your family, friends or surprise on that special occasion.

Mini donut machine of 7 units

This beautiful donut oven has the capacity to make 7 delicious sweets and its non-stick coating will give you the best presentation and will be easy to clean.

This presentation in pink, you can prepare incredible donuts for your guests or family, which will give a divine experience to your palate.

3. Donut machine without oil

In red this donut baking machine in minutes comes with ultra heat system with light indicators, so you know the right moment to put in the oven.

With automatic temperature control you can view your donuts and taste the rich recipes that you will prepare for your loved ones.