You will never lose your lipsticks again.

Our makeup deserves special care, as they are products that tend to be more delicate than other cosmetics. When storing it, it is best to place it in places where there is no humidity, lots of light and avoid dust falling. So if you want to give your precious makeup an orderly and efficient place, here we leave you the 3 best makeup organizers so you don’t miss a thing.

1. Level organizer Jerrybox

Vertical organizer made of resistant plastic. Has 13 compartments adjustable and swivel base.

In it you can accommodate brushes, makeup, nail polish, accessories and up to 30 products for skin care. It is easy to assemble and disassemble to be washed.

2. Transparent organizer Dream Genius

Circular organizer in clear acrylic with 6 adjustable level compartments and turntable. It has a die cut that simulates diamonds on the top and bottom.

In addition to makeup, you can organize perfumes, brushes, creams and brushes. You can place it in your styling machine or in the bathroom. Their compartments adapt to different sizes of cosmetics and packaging.

3. Square organizer N2 Makeup

Square organizer made of transparent acrylic. Has 4 drawers of different height and the top uncovered.

In this organizer you can keep your cosmetics protected and dust free thanks to its 4 drawers. The top of the organizer is perfect for placing larger perfumes or jars.