You may have heard of double cleansing or the use of Korean makeup remover balm. The double cleaning helps you to remove the face of impurities, makeup, pollutants and residues of sunscreen. Mixed skin and even oily skin can use this type of makeup remover in oils, as oil and oil attract and is perfect for preventing breakouts and helps pores stay cleaner. You should first use an oil makeup remover and then your gel, foam or any other makeup remover you use.

1. BANILA CO: removes impurities and prevents acne breakouts

This is one of the most popular makeup remover balms on the market, it has thermal water, vitamin E and vitamin C in addition to botanical ingredients. To use it you must take a little product with the spatula and rub in your hands until it has a slightly more liquid consistency and put the face, even rub on your eyelashes, eyebrows to remove all makeup.

These makeup remover balms remove residue, even helps your skin hydrate it. There are different types of makeup remover balms, this one is for oily skin, in case you prefer a lighter makeup remover in oil.

2. THEFACESHOP: made with rice water so as not to cover any pores

If you prefer a little liquid makeup remover in oil, this is an excellent option, as it is applied as any kind of cleanser. It is made of extremely mild ingredients to hydrate and prevent irritation, rice water, vitamins A, B and E as well as ceramides that improves the structure of the skin. It is an excellent alternative for oily and combination skin to prevent clogging of your pores and blackheads or pimples.

May remove waterproof mask, and you will not need too many rubs to remove them as with little effort any product will be removed.

3. Clinique: removes contaminants, makeup, sunscreen residue for deep cleaning

There are days when we use more makeup or sometimes when using a makeup Long-lasting can clog pores or pimples, this if proper cleaning is not d This make-up remover balmNo burden of removing all residues that can clog the pores, so that when you apply your other cleanser your face is impeccable.

Makeup removers in oil recommended to use only at night, because it is when more pollutants, dirt and makeup that can affect our skin. With little product you will be able to cover your entire face, so don’t abuse by placing a lot of product.