Wear makeup intact for hours.

On oily or combination skin the makeup It can last less and sometimes excess sebum makes you have to touch up several times. There are fixatives of makeup, but not all are suitable for this type of skin. These fixers of makeup for oily skin will help you control shine, prevent sweat from running, makes it last up to 12 hours without any touch-up. It is important that the fixing spray is not used daily, it is recommended for important events or those days when you have a very important appointment.

1. URBAN DECAY: controls the brightness of the T zone for 16 hours

For those dinners or days that you have many events, a sealer of makeup. East makeup fixer for oily skin is from Urban Decay. Helps sebum not crack your makeup, remains intact and can control the shine on the skin. If you have mixed, oily or normal skin, it is an excellent fixative for makeup

Its sprayer is very soft, you will hardly feel it. It has a very light and smooth texture. The Makeup can last up to 16 hours. It is recommended not to use it daily.

2. NYX: matte texture on your skin

If you want a fixer makeup, more durable you can apply after each makeup step. For example if you apply concealer then apply fixative makeup and so with each product. This will help to last for more hours. Always apply with about 20cm of distance, because if you put it very close you can run.

East makeup sealer has a matte finish, which helps to avoid gloss in the T zone or on the cheeks. An excellent product to wear intact makeup and do not have the need to touch up.

3.Skindinavia: does not crack or patch your makeup

Excess sebum on the skin can cause makeup it does not last or what breaks and is patched in certain parts. This makeup fixer for oily skin helps control shine on your skin, so you do not have to touch up and your makeup remains intact for up to 12 hours. This makeup sealer does not leave a matte effect, if it does not leave you with natural skin.

Try to find a foundation that is not so heavy or with oil, because even if you put a fixative of makeup, your skin will shine. Remember seal your makeup and apply your makeup fixer. A product that is oil free and very light.