An exercise that will help you regain strength in the joints in a short time.

The joints These are the points that make up the bone system and that allow the body to perform mechanical movements through stretching and compression. There are many exercises to regain mobility of the joints, these are important since the joints tend to reduce their mobility over time. The medicine balls They are perfect tools for exercising your joints, and here are some of the highlights.

1. Treatment for joints from AmazonBasics

This medicine ball has a weight between 8, 10 and 12 pounds. Its finish and texture are ideal to hold it much more easily and firmly. This tool is made of strong and durable rubber.

It is ideal for cardiovascular exercises and is highly recommended by doctors and trainers specialized in therapeutic exercises. A brief session with this ball allows you to regain mobility of all your body.

2. Toning ball muscular

A super soft and durable ball that can be used as an alternative to dumbbell deadlift routines. It comes in intense colors like green lime, teal and gray, and have different weights.

This ball is special because it is very useful to regroup isolated muscles, return balance and do all kinds of exercises that allow you to regain the natural mobility of the joints.

3. Ball medicinal with texture

Made with high-density texture and a padding that prevents it from bouncing excessively, this is very beneficial for the balance and firmness of the ball. Has a surface of easy grip thanks to its fluted PVC coating.

A tool that increases aerobic capacities, improves muscle mass, increases your heart rate, allows you to burn calories and helps improve coordination hand and eye.