Night treatments to improve the condition of colored hair.

Dyeing your hair, ends up with the natural keratin in your hair and mistreat more and more, in addition to the chemicals that the dye has. It is important that you have a night treatment so that your colored hair can recover, absorb its nutrients better, have strength and replenish itself. These nightly hair treatments help regenerate, ideal for any type of hair.

Pronexa: restructures, improves the pH of the scalp and gives it elasticity

This night treatment helps to strengthen and condition your hair, after chemical processes. Repair your hair inside and out, prevents broken ends and breakage of hair, gives it more elasticity, cares for the pH to avoid irritations on the scalp and gives it softness.

Put the product all over your hair and leave it on overnight for better restructuring. In the morning just rinse and style as usual. If you have severe damage use it twice a week.

L’emarie: prevents frizz and improves the structure of the hair fiber

This is a serum to do a night treatment that eliminates frizz, gives it shine and eliminates the opaque, avoids split ends, cares for the humidity of the hair to prevent severe breakage and improve the condition of your colored hair. It also helps repair the hair fiber so it can improve your hair.

This night treatment should be placed a little bit all over the hair and combed as usual in the morning. It has natural ingredients And it is safe to use it on dyed and non-dyed hair.

3. TRUSS: restructures the hair follicle and prevents further damage and dryness

This night treatment helps to restructure, gives elasticity, gives shine, prevents frizz, frizz and helps your hair to be more resistant. This night serum has amino acids to give it strength and prevent further damage and dryness from occurring. It even protects from heat products and the sun’s rays.

This night treatment should be applied from the middle to the ends and then rinse in the morning. Night treatments for colored hair are a boost for repair hair faster and improve the hair follicle.

Plus: hat to cover hair

If you have an oily scalp or want to sleep without worrying to smear all the night treatment on your pillow, this hat to cover your hair. Wearing a plastic cap can cause more sebum to be produced as the plastic warms the hair. It is reusable and will last you for months.