Enjoy your favorite music in your car, from any device.

There’s nothing like playing your music Favorite in your car in the middle of a traffic jam or during your daily commute to work. However, in most cases we have our music on different devices that are not compatible with standard car players; That is why today we will show you the best options of players with bluetooth connection that you should always carry with you:

1. WPWPOO: latest generation bluetooth player

WPWPOO has a player with an LCD screen, Updated Bluetooth, good sound quality with noise cancellation technology and data transfer speed between devices.

This player will allow you to charging two devices at the same time, one being a USB 3.0 fast charging port and the other a 5V / 2.4A port. Compatible with Iphone, iPad, iPod, tablet, Samsung, HTC, Sony and other smartphones Android.

2. Nulaxy: electronic signal transmitter

Nulaxy offers a player with FM broadcast, LCD screen, wide compatibility with a variety of devices, noise reduction technology, Bluetooth connection, hands-free and many more advantages. Available in other colors.

What stands out most about this transmitter is that you will have 3 ways of reproduction and the ability to know the status of your car battery.

3. Sumind: electronic transmitter with LCD display

Sumind has an email with rotating LCD screen, 2 USB ports, FM transmission and wide compatibility with devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablets, smartphones or MP3 players. Available in other colors.

Includes microphone function Built-in, allowing you to speak hands-free and reducing music without interference. In addition, it consumes much less energy, so it will last much longer.