The probiotics They are good bacteria that lodge in the intestine to benefit digestion and strengthen the immune system. But when a poor diet is used or antibiotics are used, the intestine can be a target for bad bacteria, leaving the body exposed to diseases, especially considering that the intestinal flora is in charge of regulating much of the physiological mechanisms. So we present these three formulas of probiotics for you to increase energy and your metabolism.

1. Culturelle: Probiotic for digestive health

It is a probiotic formulated with clinical strains that improve immune, digestive and female health. It contains four powerful lactobacilli that are designed to help restore balance to good bacteria.

They are natural capsules that work on the metabolism to keep your body healthy, since it protects it from the inside out. It’s a product safe for pregnant women.

2. Enzymatic Therapy: Pearl Gel Probiotic

This pearl probiotic contains three types of lactobacilli that support the intestinal system. Comes in triple layer soft gel capsules to protect it from heat, stomach acid and moisture. Does not require refrigeration.

It is a formula that works to strengthen vaginal flora and digestive tract so you can keep your health in balance. These tablets can be taken alone or with food.

3. Physician’s Choice: Probiotic with D-Mannose

Probiotics with D-Mannose are vegetable capsules that relieve constipation, gas, and bloating, as well as support immune health. Similarly, balances the PH of the urinary tract, vagina and bladder.

It also offers benefits to the gastrointestinal system, which helps improve digestion and prevent gastric mucosa. It is recommended to take once a day to prevent vaginal infections.