Protect your skin and keep it soft and healthy.

The most common method of removing hairs unwanted our body is by means of the razor; but despite how fast, comfortable and effective it is, sometimes it usually causes a little irritation. However, we can count on products specially formulated to avoid this type of discomfort or irritation, such as those shown below so that you can maintain your always healthy skin.

1. Soothing Balm after shave


This balm is packed with natural ingredients, and the botanical extracts in its formula reduce razor burns, repair the skin, and remove bacteria from the pores after shaving.

It is light and fast absorption, calms, hydrates and protects the skin of your face and neck. Special for sensitive skin, prone to irritation and dryness.

2. After Shave Lotion for sensitive skin

It is a unique formula extra soft, specially developed for men with sensitive skin. It does not contain alcohol and is lightly scented. It is enriched with vitamin E and natural extracts.

With each application your skin looks healthy and cared for, while feeling comfortable and soft. You should only apply it after each shave, massage gently so that it is absorbed and do not apply it near the eye area.

3. Caffeinated balm for shaving

It is a cream that is made with safe ingredientsNatural and organic, which provide excellent cushioning, sliding of the leaf and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and healthy.

It gives you a exceptional experience for your shave and helps reduce the appearance of redness. It keeps your skin healthy, hydrated and certainly becomes your new best friend.