There are many things that can affect our dream at night, but one of the most annoying is the snoring. They prevent us from falling asleep, impair our rest and can even have an impact on our respiratory health. And although there is no definitive cure for them, here we show you some products that will help you to decrease their intensity or even eliminate them.

1. Nasal vents discreet

Nasal vents are made of anti-allergy polyurethane Latex free, whose snoring pin will not attract dust. It is dishwasher safe and its design, in addition to being discreet, guarantees comfort.

Stop snoring and reduce the symptoms of dry mouth by dilating the nostrils, ensuring easy nasal breathing throughout the night. Its use will guarantee the quality of everyone’s dreams, whether you produce snoring or suffer from it.

2. Adjustable strap for the chin support

Adjustable chin strap helps to close the jaw to allow air to pass naturally and eliminate snoring, providing a better night’s sleep for you and your partner.

With her, you stop snoring by supporting your jaw, it increases the space in the airways, which gives you energy and freshness throughout the day.

3. BRISON: 2 in 1 nose vent caps

Vent plugs ergonomic shape They are designed to help you stop snoring, breathe easily at night, and get a good night’s sleep. Made of durable and soft medical silicone, it has no chemical odor, is non-toxic, and contains no BPA or phthalates.

The plugs make your breath is easy allowing air to freely enter your lungs thus preventing snoring. You can give it a daily use.