We use our devices electronic daily and at all times. Some of us grab them while we cook, are out on the street or do any other activity, others remain on a shelf, loading up with dust. Although we may not realize it, the screens accumulate dirty and bacteria, which in addition to scratching the surface can cause infections or allergies. So that this does not happen, we leave you the 3 best products screen cleaners of your electronics.

1. Cleaning kit Bryson

Cleaning kit for all types of screens and monitors. Includes cleaning fluid in a 473ml presentation with spray dispenser and a 60ml pocket presentation. Also comes with fiber cloth as a gift.

This cleaner does not contain alcohol, cleans gently and effectively Fingerprints, dust and dirt on all types of screens and monitors without leaving scratches or residue.

2. Liquid cleaner Ultimate

Special cleaning liquid for screens of cell phones, tablets, computers, televisions, game consoles, CDs and other technological gadgets that require it. Includes microfiber cloth.

Spray a little of the cleaning liquid on the microfiber cloth or directly on the device and easily remove all dirt that could harm your health or the useful life of the device. The cleaning cloth in this kit is washable and reusable.

3. Cleaning kit GreatShield

The kit includes microfiber cloth, double side brush and cleaning liquid. The product is odorless and leaves no residue.

This cleaner is specially formulated for remove dust, grease, the stripes, and the static that your screens may have. It can be used in televisions, cell phones, tablets and other electronic equipment.