Keep your tires clean and extend their useful life.

Keep your tires It is a daily challenge if you are one of the people who love to keep their vehicle in perfect condition wherever they go. There are many Cleaning products that exist to achieve this goal, and in this edition we present three of them that will leave the tires of your car as new and may extend its useful life.

1. Tire kit with gloss applicator

This product has been created for clean and give a deep shine to the tires. Leaves a protective shield and comes with a tire bandage applicator. It is so versatile that it can also be used in wheel wells or as a molding restorer in any type of faded rubber, vinyl or plastic.

East detailing kit Automatic is non-toxic. This product keeps your car cleaner by sticking to its tires to prevent any dripping during high speeds.

2. Rubber cleaner with citrus smells

This product has been created with citrus smells They give the power to remove bloom from tires and restore them to their deep black gloss and color. It’s made from a solvent that works quickly on nasty brown rim patches.

It gives you a fresh citrus aroma and a remarkable red color to distinguish it from others. This degreaser or next generation cleaner It is specially designed with the most advanced technologies.

3. TriNova: Spray cleaner with wet and smooth finish

This Trinova spray product will give your tires the shine and will protect them from other deteriorating signs of aging. It offers additional protection against external elements that can ruin the appearance of your car and also damage its tires on the road.

This spray gives shine and you won’t have to apply the glitter spray for TriNova tires several times a week. With once you will get the desired result.