Take care of your ears with the best products, and protect your health.

The ear It is the sensory organ of our body in charge of allowing us to perceive sounds, in order to form the sense of hearing. On the other hand, the ear is also in charge of the balance of our body and is divided into three sections; which are outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. In this sense, its complexity is much greater than what we perceive externally.

Therefore, we must be extremely careful with our ears especially when cleaning them and for this task it is best to follow the recommendations of the experts in the field. One of the main problems and the most recurrent in our ears is the accumulation of wax, since these annoying plugs are responsible for the gradual decrease in our hearing.

Before cleaning them, we must know what the earwax or ear wax. This is a substance produced by the glands inside the ear. The wax is responsible for keeping you healthy and clean, prevents the ear canal from drying out and cracking, and also protects it from getting water, dust or dirt, which cause infections.

Generally, our ear canals clean themselves. As we speak, chew, and move our jaws, skin cells and wax slowly move from the eardrum to the ear hole, where they usually dry out and fall off. Earwax usually does not cause problems, but if it is produced in excess it can cause plugs, pain and deafness.

These discomforts and earaches start when we try to clean them, usually using a finger or a cotton swab which is much worse. Despite the fact that many people use them for that purpose, the same companies that manufacture them recommend not to use them inside the ear canal and only in the external areas of the ear, because although they seem harmless they can cause long-term damage.

When we clean our ears with the cotton buds instead of extracting the wax, we do the opposite; we push it much deeper into the ear canal and it sticks to the areas where it cannot clean itself. Since earwax is in charge of trapping dirt and dust particles, when they are introduced back into the ear canal they generate infection.

Another method that some people use to clean their ears is drops, since they are number one to remove earwax. The drops are formulated to soften or loosen the earwax, in this way, it can run its course and be expelled naturally. We can find different types of drops for this purpose, they are usually formulated with hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate or sodium chloride.

In case the problem of accumulation of wax Be stronger, there are other more invasive methods like irrigation. This procedure is commonly known as a syringe wash, with this tool a jet of water is launched into the ear canal. Despite being effective, this method is often painful and can even damage the eardrum.

Some clinics use a microscopic device that they insert into the ear canal, which is responsible for sucking the wax. It is very effective, especially in cases of very severe blockages. Other people use a lit candle, this particular method is the least recommended by specialists; also the use of soft cloths can be effective for cleaning our ears.

And although the choice of cleaning method It will depend on each one, here we show you some effective alternatives with which you can clean them safely and without problems.

Drops to Remove Earwax


They are a few drops for earwax removal, its cleaning action is mild and non-irritating. It works to soften and remove earwax while cleaning the ear. When the drop is placed inside the ear, the contact releases oxygen that forms a foam that is responsible for softening and gently loosening the wax inside your ear.

After the wax is soft, it begins to drain naturally through the ear canal until it reaches the outside of the ear. Tea allows you to safely and effectively remove wax from your ear in the comfort of your home, without having to resort to any specialist. You can use these drops with total confidence, as they do not irritate and can be used by any

Elimination Kit Ear Wax


This kit specially designed for ear cleaning includes eight wax earpicks as well as twenty high-quality disposable tips, which translates into great savings when cleaning earwax. It is very easy to use, includes in the box detailed instructions and specific equipment ready to help when you need it.

When you go to clean your ear you only need to get the best results, pumping around eight slow pumps repeated eight times. You must place the sink that comes with the kit to avoid splashing, you add one part of hydrogen peroxide to four parts of water to make it very effective. After use, be sure to thoroughly clean the tines.

3. Mini System Wax Cleaning


Includes three sets of replacement heads with different shapes to remove wax in the ears in all directions. The heads are made with medical grade silicone, their shape allows them to be used by people with different sizes and shapes of ear canals, including children, adults and older adults. The heads can be used separately or alternately.

It comes equipped with a practical storage box, convenient and hygienic. After you use the ear cleaning device, you can put it back in the storage box to protect it from contamination. At the same time, this way of storing it allows you to extend its useful life, as well as taking it with you every time you go on vacation or on business trips.