Windows are one of the most important elements of our home, since they allow to light and ventilate the rooms. Clean windows are the guarantee of spaces that take advantage of sunlight and also allow us to enjoy a beautiful view. It is not necessary to invest a lot of time or effort to enjoy some clean windows, since with these options that we show you below they will always be impeccable.

1. Cleaner automatic windows


It is a high-tech design that uses the latest in artificial intelligence to clean windows quickly and efficiently. It can detect edges and its algorithm allows you to scrub every part of the window.

The device is equipped with extra soft sponges to be able to thoroughly clean the entire surface without causing scratches or imperfections. The clever design allows you to have all the functions of the cleaner right on the palm of your hand.

2. Glass cleaner multipurpose


It is a window cleaning brush with a double-sided head: one with soft rubber strips and the other with one sponge high quality. Light body that allows automatic and quick cleaning of windows.

The bands are made with natural rubber While the sponge is made of high resistance mesh, all this allows you to wash your windows without compromising the surface of the glass at any time.

3. Cleaner Double Sided Magnetic


A natural latex body and built-in magnet, together provide you with a complete cleaning of any glass. It also includes a sponge with high liquid retention.

It is a triangular shaped double-sided magnetic cleaner that features a powerful magnet inside to keep the wire sponge in the ideal position for efficient cleaning.