The lice they are the most common parasites among children and adults; These are spread through direct contact with any other host that is already infested. They feed on blood and reproduce very quickly. To eliminate them there are different treatments, but it is always important to be able to ensure that healthy components are used that do not affect the skin or health. Here we show you some options that can help you:

1. Complete kit for remove lice

This kit is very Easy to use and it is equipped with a bottle of special conditioning solution, a multifunctional metal comb and a spray to remove and disinfect the head of eggs and lice.

For best results before applying the product, it is recommended that the hair is completely clean and detangled. The solution will work between 15 or 20 minutes and then you must pass the metal comb from the roots to the tips to remove the lice and nits.

2. Combs anti lice of colors

These two-sided combs are crafted from sturdy bristles of metal and plastic. Its teeth allow you to easily drag lice and eggs from your scalp.

It works for everything hair type. It is recommended that before use, the hair is previously clean, detangled and smoky or that you apply a special product to facilitate the elimination of the parasite.

3. Shampoo and conditioner to prevent lice

These products are made of natural ingredients such as argan oil, lavender, aloe leaves, rosemary and menthol. They work for hair loss and to prevent lice and nits.

It will leave your hair feeling clean, fresh and moisturizing It will also help stimulate hair growth and strengthen it. It is a product for men, women and children.