Paint to fill the eyebrows hair by hair.

The eyebrows are the frame of the look, having very well defined eyebrows helps to give another look to the look. Painting the eyebrows hair by hair is a very natural trend that can be done with an eyebrow paint. It is very easy to do that you will forget about wanting to do the microblading. If you want a very natural look, choose a color a little lighter than your original color.

1. Stila: paint to make eyebrow hair by hair equal to the microblading

One of the most popular products of Stila, this down to paint the eyebrows hair by hair. It is a very similar down to the eyeliner. It is very easy to use, but if you need practice. Always follow the shape of your eyebrow and do very little pressureWell, if you put a lot of pressure, a lot of product will come out.

Follow the curve of the eyebrow and you will see how natural eyebrows will be noticed. This is a dark brown hue. Always close this eyebrow paint very well, so it doesn’t dry out. A great advantage is that it supports sweat.

2. Milani: Color and naturalness in your eyebrows

This eyebrow paint helps you have eyebrows equal to microblading. Always shake the product very well and start from front to back. To use the eyebrow paint, growth continues of your eyebrow, this will help make it look more natural. These types of paints are perfect for doing the microblading effect, but you will need a little time.

First comb, then paint and then use an eyebrow gel to keep them in place. Do very little pressure to make the eyebrow hair by hair.

3. Smashbox: a down to fill the eyebrows and give color

If you don’t have the best pulse, this pencil will help give the eyebrow an effect from hair to hair. Its tip is angular for what suits the arch of the eyebrow. Here the pressure does not matter because here you decide how much color you want in your eyebrows. This eyebrow paint has an eyebrow gel, perfect for styling.

A perfect down to fill the eyebrows and give it a very natural touch without overloading the product.