Menstrual pain can be eliminated naturally and effectively.

No one said to be woman it would be an easy task. Above all, when it comes to some natural symptoms and discomforts, as occurs in the case of menstruation and with it, the terrible period pains that entails. Although not all women present these pains, and those who do feel it may present symptoms at different levels of intensity, it is an acute discomfort that often prevents us from carrying out our daily life regularly, and that is why it requires attention special.

Menstruation or painful menstrual cycles are also known as dysmenorrhea. These pains They are classified most of all as cramps, colic and the like. They are characterized by throbbing or cramping pains in the lower abdomen, in the belly areaThey may also have other symptoms such as low back pain, nausea, diarrhea, and headaches.

Similarly, the Premenstrual syndrome You can develop many, many different symptoms, ranging from weight gain, bloating, to irritability and fatigue. The syndrome often begins between one or two weeks before the onset of bleeding, and since it can last up to several days of discomfort, it is always advisable to have the help of some medicine or natural remedy that allows you to relieve it and prevent it from lasting for too long.

Over time, both doctors and the women most affected by these symptoms have sought ways and alternatives to treat the symptoms and thus minimize the degree of pain that you can suffer. And in these cases, as always, the products or treatments made up of natural ingredients They are the most recommended, since they do not cause side effects and do not negatively affect the body.

The most important thing is always to attack in some way these conditions that for the most part are certainly difficult to bear, even being rated by specialists in the health area as one of the strongest in terms of levels or ranges of pain. In turn, it is important to keep in mind that pains They can start several days before bleeding, so treatment should not necessarily be synchronized with the days of menstruation.

Likewise, it is always advisable to research and keep informed widely about the possible causes and the treatments they can work to remove it. The ideal is to be able to level the degree of intensity with which the colic occurs, so that you can carry these days naturally and without feeling discomfort.

Currently, there are many products and alternatives to treat period pains. Even this has been a field in which many medical and technological advances have been made, and that is why we can now count not only on medicines, but also on electronics devices They relieve swelling, pain and discomfort. It is always important to try several options until you find the one that offers the best results for discomfort, but you should also keep in mind that natural and chemical-free components are the most beneficial for your body, and are the ones that will give you continuous, effective and durable.

1. Midol: tablets to relieve menstrual pain

Tablets Midol serve as relief from annoying menstrual pain, bloating, fatigue and colic. Includes 40 easily absorbed tablets for quick and effective relief.

The extra strong formula of these tablets includes acetaminophen as an analgesic, caffeine for its diuretic qualities and an antihistamine, which serves to successfully combat fatigue and swelling that you may suffer on your bleeding days.

However, since symptoms can appear before the bleeding period, you can take these pills anytime you need them without fear of side effects, as it is a safe and specially tested medicine for the systematic relief of various types of pain. .

2. Herbal patch thermal

This heating patch is made from natural herbs and it comes in a package containing three units, which adhere to underwear and act by warming or warming the skin, in order to minimize menstrual pain, cramps, colic or muscle aches in the area. They are also effective in relieving pain or discomfort in the abdominal area.

These heating patches They are comfortable to use and manage to calm the most intense and annoying stomach pains for up to 6 continuous hours. Likewise, each patch is instantly heated to a therapeutic temperature that minimizes general discomfort in the belly area.

The patches are made to promote blood flow to help relax muscles for immediate relief. Each patch is infused with five herbal ingredients totally natural. Reduces swelling in muscles and improves mood in general.

3. Livia: instant treatment for abdominal cramps

This FDA approved medical device is free of harmful drugs or toxins. It consists of a gel pad with lavender essence, which serves as instant relief to PMS with enough supply for three months.

Likewise, this medical device It is also known as the off switch for annoying menstrual pain, as it begins to alleviate menstrual cramps within thirty seconds of starting it. It is safe and effective, and its lavender aroma provides significant and even maximum relief from menstrual symptoms and abdominal pain thanks to an all-natural aromatherapy effect.

To use it, you just have to put the self-adhesive patches on the skin of your belly and turn on the device. It has two buttons that allow you to regulate the intensity of the treatment so that you can customize it according to your level of pain. It has a small clip on the back so you can hang it on your pants and use it even when you are walking or on the street. Includes a small carrying case and a USB cable for easy charging whenever you need it.