Support the fast and correct recovery of your skin with these products.

The bruising or bruising appear on our skin when we suffer a blow or injury that affects our blood vessels and a blood spill occurs under our skin, which causes those typical purple spots to later turn green or brown. Although they do not represent a health risk, they are an unsightly brand on our skin that can take several days to heal, and that is why we often choose alternatives that allow us remove them quickly, effectively and safely, like the products that we show you below:

1. Balm for bruises and bruises

This cream is ideal for treating bruises and bruises as well as reducing swelling after injury. Has been made with 14 ingredients Natural as spongilla extract, sage extract, lavender extract, ginkgo biloba extract, peppermint essential oil, horse chestnut extract, D-panthenol, camphor, among others.

If you have suffered recently any injury that has left a bruise on your skin, or you want to prevent it before it appears, this cream is the right alternative.

2. Regenerating ointment multipurpose

This cream is an anti inflammatory made with german chamomile which helps to regenerate the tissues and heal the skin and also the carrot, which is rich in beta-carotene and vitamins. Without parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, chemicals or artificial essences.

East orointment is effective To treat stretch marks, bruises, sore nipples, chapped skin, itchy skin, inflamed skin, bruises, bruises, varicose veins, sunburn, eczema, wounds, warts, scars, acne and much more.

3. Moisturizer with organic arnica

This cream has been created with 12 organic botanical extracts and it has no parabens or chemicals. It is used to treat bruises, stretch marks and scars.

Your goal is to help soothe, heal and hydrate. It is a perfect therapy for all skin types and reduces the appearance of bruises, stretch marks and scars to have beautiful, even-toned, healthy skin.